Finding peace and balance in today’s modern society


Finding peace and balance in today’s modern society

about the book

How do you seek peace and balance today? Are you constantly dwelling on self-seeking thoughts like:
“What can I do to make myself happy?” or “When can I ever find emotional stability?”

In the 2022 Book Excellence Award-winning book True Humility: Finding Peace and Balance in Today’s Modern Society, Gavin Seah, founder and CEO of Soil Of Humility, expounds on the fundamentals of adopting an unorthodox and nostalgic moral value to find long-lasting happiness.

foreword by

“This book will be a go-to for all individuals across the world to help them develop and practise the True Humility value.”

Jeremy Bloom

Olympic Skier, NFL Player, CEO, Philanthropist and Author

Book Praises

“Everyone, no matter who you are and what position you hold, can benefit from embracing True Humility.”

– The Late Colin Schooling

Director of The Schooling Company Pte Ltd and Father of Joseph Schooling, Singapore Olympic Gold Medalist

“A meaningful read that will allow us to work towards a place of true peace and balance”

– Les Ferdinand

QPR Director of Football and Former England, QPR, Tottenham Hotspur, and Newcastle United Striker

“The focus on how individuals can find peace and balance through practising the True Humility value is groundbreaking, inspiring, and uplifting.”

– Krystle Rich

Anchor at NBC Sports Philadelphia Award-Winning NFL Network Producer, and Author

“A compilation of wonderful personal testimonies and thought-provoking insights, tools, and activities.”

– Torrel Harris

Chairman and CEO of Unique Sports Management International and Father of Tobias Harris, Professional NBA Player of Philadelphia 76ers

About the author

Born in Singapore and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Gavin Seah is an award-winning, best-selling published author, founder, and CEO of Soil Of Humility—a socio-educational enterprise with a vision to create long-lasting impacts in the aspects of peace, purpose, identity, and social ecosystem shifts. Through his True Humility methodologies, Gavin brings innovative, game-changing solutions at corporates, schools, and communities to resolve pressing societal needs around mental well-being and physical resilience.

Gavin’s inspirational story of overcoming tremendous adversities in his formative years through True Humility has already enriched thousands of lives across radio stations, digital magazine features, writers’ festivals, and social media channels. Prior to the launch of Gavin’s previous version of this book in Singapore, he worked in corporate banking, JPMorgan, and Big Four accounting firms, PwC and Deloitte.

about the company

Birthed in 2019, Soil Of Humility, a socio-educational enterprise, is the brainchild of founder and CEO Gavin Seah, who is deeply passionate about developing the True Humility concepts he uncovered through a philosophy of Eat, Live, and Breathe.
In the Eat aspect, Soil Of Humility designed an Inner Self-Building series of talks and workshops for schools, corporates, and communities internationally. In raising awareness and strengthening individuals with value-based concepts, Soil Of Humility aims to build an others-centered ecosystem in our society. For the Live aspect, Soil Of Humility continuously creates relatable, bite-sized contents across social media channels and delivers high-value content through media outlets to enrich lives regularly. With the Breathe aspect, Soil Of Humility is establishing strategic partnerships and new lifestyle segments to reach out to more people globally. Soil Of Humility believes that our modern society is only a trend away from recognizing the essence of true happiness and peace.

Core Values


An unspoken value, the True Humility value is a breath of fresh air in our modern society. By bringing new concepts that encourages True Humility value practice, Soil Of Humility will reveal the essence of the value and how to solidify core principles in life.


In the modern society, individuals are finding it more challenging to find peace and balance in the midst of increased self-centered trends and activities. Soil Of Humility recognises the difficulties and aims to create an others-centred environment and a community-based ecosystem to help individual reclaim their peace and happiness.


By carefully curating our contents, we aim to ensure that every person who touches our products and services can experience our unconditional giving spirit. Soil Of Humility envisions empowering people with value-based tools and to find peace in their life.


Moral values have long been treated as a taboo topic in the modern society. For many, moral values can appear intangible. Soil Of Humility seeks to challenge this long-held social norm. We aspire to bring tangibleness of values by creating everyday lifestyle products and services to allow you to enjoy the beauty of values in your life.